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4 Ways Truckers Can Protect Their Cargo
June 10, 2022

4 Ways Truckers Can Protect Their Cargo

Cargo theft is a multi-billion dollar industry. In fact, since the economy took a turn for the worst, it seems that more and more truckers become the victim of a robbery. 

Unfortunately, cargo theft is a global enterprise. Every measure you take to secure your truck helps improve security, and it can prevent your business from losing money. The following are four measures you can take to protect your cargo. warehouse with trucks awaiting loading

1. Leverage Video Surveillance Cameras 
Thieves aren’t simply attacking truckers, but they are stealing from anyone that has something of value, including businesses. Due to increased instances of theft, many businesses have installed video surveillance cameras both inside and outside their businesses. 

Encouraging your drivers to park near video surveillance cameras can help you protect your cargo. Most notably, video surveillance cameras are great deterrents; thieves may not rob your truck if your drivers park in view of a camera. Additionally, if a thief does steal your cargo, you will have video evidence, which can be submitted in court. 

2. Use Layered Measures of Security 
Anyone who wants to secure their property knows that using multiple layers of security is the best way to go. You must do the same for your fleet of trucks. You can use any of the following techniques to ensure that your cargo is protected during hauls: 

  • Alarms 
  • Padlocks 
  • GPS trackers 
  • Non-adjustable couplers and receiver locks 
  • Trailer wheel locks 

Using both high-tech and low-tech security features can help you avoid cargo theft. 

3. Use Preventive Measures 
Educating all of your drivers about measures they can take to secure trucks and trailers can go a long way. Most preventive measures are common sense ways to reduce theft, including: 

  • Drivers should never leave trucks idling. 
  • Drivers should remain alert at all times. 
  • Drivers should park in well-lit parking lots. 
  • Have someone monitor trucks from dispatch. 

All of these measures not only ensure that the truck is safe, but they also ensure that your drivers are safe. 

4. Get Trucking Insurance 
Your cargo is an investment in your business. If you fail to get it to its destination, then you jeopardize your business’ revenue. In order to reduce your financial risk, you can ensure your cargo with trucking insurance. Many insurance companies offer a wide range of coverage options that protect everything from your actual truck to your cargo. You can speak with an agent to get more information about mitigating cargo risks using trucking insurance

Cargo theft is increasingly on the rise, requiring you to protect your business. By taking proactive measures, you can effectively reduce the instance of cargo theft for your business. 

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