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Trucking Insurance Services LLC Blog

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 It's Trucker Appreciate Week in the United States, which happens to be Trucking Insurance Services' favorite week. We live, breathe, and eat trucking. When Eva Clair Bowles (our CEO) started Trucking Insurance Services nearly nine years ago, she set out to create an insurance company unlike any that exists. READ MORE >>

One of the most commonly asked questions to insurance agents from truck drivers is, "what is physical damage and why do I need it?" It's a valid question as the name doesn't do a great job describing the coverage. You might see physical damage listed on a quote or your policy next to its hefty price tag. READ MORE >>

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It's not a secret that insurance is an expensive--albeit necessary--purchase. Insurance protects the most important competent in a trucking business: the truck. Purchasing insurance can overwhelm people, especially those new to trucking. We here  READ MORE >>

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