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5 Common Trucking Hazards
January 14, 2022

5 Common Trucking Hazards

Trucking isn’t often viewed as a dangerous job, even though it involves long hours on the road. Trucking does have hazards associated with. Let’s take a look at five of the most common trucking hazards and how you can minimize their ill effects. 

  • Weather issues: Deliveries must proceed as scheduled, even during rain, fog and other poor weather conditions. Take precaution by slowing your speed and leaving extra space in front of you so you have extra time to stop. Blue Semi Truck 


  • Wrecks: Being that truckers spend so much time on the road, they face the risk of accidents every day. Driving with safety in mind can help reduce this risk. Follow speed limits, use your blinkers before turning or switching lanes and always carry proof of insurance in case of an incident. Remember, running a little late is better than chancing an accident. 


  • Lethargy: Driving drowsy reduces your reaction time and makes you more irritable. In fact, it has similar effects to drunk driving. Combat these effects by getting plenty of sleep each night and pulling over every two to four hours for a break to get out and stretch. 


  • Truck maintenance: If routine maintenance is not performed on trucks, it will increase the likelihood of a breakdown or wreck. Commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers must complete vehicle inspections on their CMVs. This is required under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. Drivers must perform post trip inspections  on their vehicle after each days work. 

  • Injury risks: Injuries don’t just arise following an accident. Truckers may suffer an injury during loading and unloading as well. You can reduce this risk by following safety procedures and wearing the necessary safety gear for the job tasks you are performing.  

Your safety is important to us. Call Trucking Insurance Services LLC at 855-281-2924 for more information on trucking insurance

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